Some People Take Fantasy Football Too Seriously

Yes, Darth Vader...yes they do

I never participate in fantasy football. Ever. I have enough stress in my life and enough teams to worry about without having to cater to stressful teams that don’t really exist, let alone the other people who take it way too seriously. In lieu of this, I play fantasy hockey — and that’s it. However, a relatively new commercial on ESPN recently caught my eye and made me truly LOL. It also made me appreciate fantasy football a little more…and on an intergalactic level. Check it out:

Happy “National Coming Out Day”

Athletes? Not exactly...but they certainly broke down some barriers!

We here at TLSOS are big believers in equality on all levels — including gay rights. Through the years, there have been some incredibly brave athletes who have come out of the closet despite whatever criticism they may have faced. With that said, here’s a little homage to gay athletes, as well as some other notables from the gay community.

From Inside the Stadium: A Perfect Tribute

The NFL and New York Jets nailed the combination of honor and patriotism.

Although I’m sure viewers at home got a good idea of how well the NFL and its teams paid tribute to those lost on September 11th, I deemed it necessary to keep my camera rolling throughout the ceremonies while I was at the game. I think the sights and sounds are a lot more tangible from this point of view. The following video shows what I believe to be the highlights and most touching moments from the night, both before the game and at halftime. There is no game footage at all, despite my being a die-hard Jets fan and how dramatic their comeback victory was. Instead, I offer you all the best moments of a perfect tribute. Hats off to you, NFL.

Watch Those Jaws!

Shoot, Jaws...we didn't want to have to do this to you...

Okay, so it’s a word we all use on a very frequent basis. However, we’re just not allowed to use it on live National Television… The latest victim of accidental swearing? None other than Monday Night Football’s Ron Jaworski … and TLSOS has the highest quality video available out there. In case you missed it:

A Special Thanks to Our First Donor!!!

They like us — they REALLY LIKE US! Okay … maybe just one person likes us. But that person seems to like us just enough to kindly make a donation to TLSOS. That person is none other than the unofficial mascot of the Washington Nationals, Tripp Whitbeck.

Our kind donor also donates his passion for sports to the Washington Nationals.

As a result, Tripp will receive a rare item from the Cosell collection, as well some TLSOS swag. Oh, and he also gets this very special thank you video:

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