Internet Radio + Hockey = AWESOMESAUCE

It’s a whole new world of broadcasting, my friends. Having worked in everything from AM to FM, web video-blogging to television, the time has come to make a transition to the boldest frontier since the satellite has been utilized for, well, radio, internet and television.

Simply put, I’m taking the step into internet radio. Yes, I’ll still be doing regular radio and TV gigs as a professional broadcaster. No, I don’t get a dime for the internet radio gig. In fact, I’ve been voluntarily moonlighting as a part of the Sport City Chefs on for almost two months now. An old buddy of mine from my hometown in Stamford, CT, is one of the leaders of the Sport City Chefs and is the reason I got involved in the first place. He goes by the name Tyrone “TP Tymeless” Powell, and has a drive and vision that is second to none. It was only natural that I’d be drawn to his work, as well as the shows and talent presented by all of the Sport City Chefs.

The beauty of it is that they have given me the opportunity to flaunt my skills and sports fanaticism while covering my favorite sport in the form of an internet radio show.

Seeing as how the Sport City Chefs name their shows after food related items and refer to being on-air as being “in the kitchen,” I saw it fitting to call my new show “Icing For Everyone,” with the slogan, “Tastier than Betty Crocker; No Stoppage of Play.” The purpose of the show is to cover the entire world of hockey, talk to special guests, discuss all pertinent hockey issues, touch upon fantasy hockey, have conversations with fans and, ultimately, make hockey and the NHL a more popular sport. For hockey fans, it’s as easy as linking up to the website. For hockey neophytes, it’s just as easy — and you might just learn a thing or three.

Stan Fischler

Sarah Baicker

And so, my friends, I ask you to join in this endeavor and at least give a listen. If there’s a topic we’re discussing and you want to drop your two cents, you’re more than welcome to call in as well. I can’t tell you how excited I am about starting this show, let alone presenting it to all of you. To get things started the right way, my first guests tonight are Sarah Baicker, a beat writer for the Philadelphia Flyers, and Stan “The Hockey Maven” Fischler, the legendary, Emmy Award winning hockey analyst for the MSG Network in New York City. The show airs at 9:30pm EST and will run every Wednesday night at the same time.

See you on the radio!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Does this mean Mr. October = Santa Clause?

According to the golden vocals of Andy Williams, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” refers to Christmas. I wholeheartedly disagree. The correct answer is October, Mr. Williams. With the NFL in full swing, the MLB playoffs in full effect and the NHL season just kicking off, there are some Sundays in this rare, five-weekended month which may feature up to 12 hours of non-stop sporting action. You read me correctly, but I’ll say it again: TWELVE. NON. STOP. HOURS. OF. SPORTS. Heck, I just got all sorts of giddy just by typing that.

And so, in order to properly give thanks to the crisp, cool, sports-ful month of October, I made this video which also pays homage to Mr. October and one of my favorite postseason baseball calls of all time.

Why YOU Should Be Watching More Hockey

Isn't it time YOU started watching more hockey?

The NHL season is right around the corner, so it’s time for TLSOS to resurrect a campaign we started almost two years ago. Since MLB is winding down and the NFL only plays a couple days a week, not to mention the fact that the NBA season looks to be all but lost, it’s time you broadened your horizons and started watching more of the greatest sport on ice: Hockey. Here’s why:

Vote YES, Nassau County!

Today’s the day where residents of Nassau County, Long Island, are voting on whether or not the county will tear down that utterly horrid Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and build a new, $400 million complex. As a Rangers fan, I implore everyone out there to stand behind this and urge Nassau to erect a new arena…and here’s why:

Just Because

Sure, the 2010-2011 NHL season is behind us. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little “Dougie” action from the New Jersey Devil’s mascot to get the Summer rolling. Plus, this is the perfect forum for a Rangers fan like me to admit that I’m friendly with Rob, the man inside the suit. Hey — the kid’s got skills! Enjoy.